Bounty Hunters

About Bounty Hunters

A bounty hunter is usually not at all like what you see on TV. Their job is to catch bail jumpers and bring them back into custody. They work for bail bonds agencies who need them because someone has stopped paying their bail bondsman, skipped a court date, or both.

When you enter into an agreement with a bail bonds agent, you are agreeing to attend all court dates in return for his help paying your bail to get you out of jail. There are usually payment plans as well, where you must pay back the bond in increments. When you violate this agreement, generally, a bounty hunter will be assigned to you.

Bounty hunters do what they do to get a percentage of the bond, and usually, their job isn’t pretty. They have to track a bail jumper down and find a way to arrest them and bring them in. Most bail jumpers are uncooperative.

The United States is actually only one of two countries that allows bounty hunting, and California is one of the states that allows this within the county. Not all states even allow it. This is probably because bounty hunters must be granted special rights. These rights include the right to enter all property of the bail jumper because they have given up their legal rights by skipping out on bail. The bounty hunter also must have noted approval to detain the bail jumper.

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