Following Arrest

What to Expect Following an Arrest in Beverly Hills

Once an arrest has been made, the person will be taken to a jail or other local law enforcement facility for booking and processing. Depending upon how large the jail is and how busy it is, this can take many hours.

Once the person arrives at the jail:

  1. They will be searched for weapons and contraband.
  2. All belongings are documented and stored.
  3. The offender will get fingerprinted, background and warrant checked.
  4. The defendant will be cross referenced in the criminal system and then updated within the system.
  5. After being taken to a cell, phone access will be granted at some point.

Bail bonds can be considered during booking, but can only be completed after the offender has been processed in the system. The offender is allowed to look at release options after booking, if they are eligible. They may choose to contact the agent themselves if they can, or ask a loved one to take care of it for them.

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