How Bail is Set

How Beverly Hills Bail is Set

The bail schedule is set and determined by a judge in each county in the state of California. California, specifically Orange and Los Angeles Counties, has the highest bail anywhere in the country. That’s why it’s so crucial to choose a reputable bail bondsman like one of the professionals at Beverly Hills Bail Bonds.

When bail is established in the court room, there are certain factors that go into the decision. Public safety will be the main concern, and this is often determined by the severity of the offense and what other charges have been on your record. The second most important thing to consider is whether or not they can be trusted to come to future court dates. If a judge does not trust the defendant to do this he may deny bail, or make it a higher amount.

The judge has full power to deny the bail, lower or increase bail, or release someone without bail. Talking and working with an experienced bail bonds agency can really help you navigate this difficult process. Contact us any time of day, any day or the week by call 310-388-9335.