Jail Release Options

Beverly Hills Jail Release Options

A bail bond, also known as a surety bond, is the most common way to get released form jail in Beverly Hills. However, it is not the only option that you have.

Firstly, a person may be released in their “own recognizance,” or “O.R”. What this means is that no money has to be paid to get out of jail because the judge believes that this person can be trusted to appear for their own appointed courtroom date/s.

Cash bail is a simple option, if you or a loved on has the money. Cash bail is when you pay the full bail amount in cash or by a cashier’s check. This money will be returned after the court case is over.

A Citation Release, also known as a “Cite Out”, usually happens when offenses are small or trivial. The court will give the person a documented charge or charges and information about their court appearances. Then, the person is allowed to leave.

Property Bond Release is the least popular option. It is usually only chosen when bail is set very high. This is when you allow the court to put a lien on your property as bail. That property must be worth 150% of the bail cost. The property can be the offender’s or a family member’s. This also requires an authorized appraisal of the real estate value, title searches, equity and the like. If an offender skips a court date, then the court probably won’t hesitate to act on that lien.

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